Spring Beers – 2016

We’re powering into the bank holiday fest that is May and Spring is here,  the Taylor BBQ got its first airing, so I thought I’d recommend  some beer styles that will put that spring in your step. Enjoy these while the weather warms up, the days get longer and the sleeves get shorter.

Berliner Weisse


Sour, fruity and refreshing perfect for a crisp afternoon in the sun. In Berlin when I visited in March they drink this style of beer with additions of a fruit syrup, typically raspberry or woodruff.  Here in the UK though we have some great fruit infused or dry hopped versions that do a great job without hunting through the cupboard for a syrup.

The beer to try – Buxton – Far Skyline – dry hopped, not too over powering on the finish and a gateway drug to the world of Berliner Weisses

Cheese match – Soft cheese – I’d like a Chevre with this, to bring out the soft flavours of the cheese complemented by the refreshing sourness of the beer, also the high carbonation keeps everything fresh and the palate ready for more

Food – Fresh salads and fish go well with this – a nice fried white fish will lap up the fruit and sharp tastes of the Berliner Weisse while the high carbonation will deal with any oils.

Other recommended – Siren – Calypso, Berliner Kindl – Das Original (as featured above), Beavertown – Lemon Phantom

This is not exhaustive but should help you pick some new beers to try.  If you’re anything like me you can get a bit obsessed with one style of beer and miss out on a whole world of tastes.  By keeping it seasonal it gives me a nice motivation to try beers that wouldn’t usually be my first order over the bar.





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