Spring Beers – 2016 (Part 2)

Part 2 of our springtime recommends –  today’s edition is aimed at some spring beers that work around the BBQ especially as the night draws in.

Smoked Beers – Rauchbier or a Smoked Porter

Smoky, malty and delicious.  You can see why we love this style. I’ve given you the choice here as Rauchbiers are criminally under represented in even the most well stocked craft beer pub.  Try a Smoked Porter if you can’t lay your hands on a Rauchbier.

The beer to try – Mikkeller – Beer Geek Bacon – I never hide my love for all things Mikkeller, this is a great smoked beer that works well with BBQ food.  This is the smoked version of the classic Beer Geek Breakfast stout

Cheese match – Blue cheese especially when paired with…

Food – Dream combination that you can make at home. Make up some burger patties and stuff them with blue cheese grill on the barbecue and serve with some smoked bacon – heaven

Other recommended – Beavertown – Smog Rocket, Evil Twin – Ashtray Heart, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier – Marzen



(Part 1 available here)


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