Spring Beers – 2016 (Part 3)

Dubbels and Tripels

Despite the illusion to darts, this has nothing to do with a conference room full of lashed up punters watching slightly podgy athletes throwing arrows.  These Belgian beers aren’t for the faint-hearted but once you’ve got the taste they can lead to some very interesting flavours and slightly hazy memories. Strong and fruity with complex spicy notes.


The beer to try – Konigshoeven – La Trappe

Cheese match – Morbier

Food – Cajun and Creole – The American deep south meets the Belgian lowlands? This works surprisingly well the spicy notes pick out the cayenne and aromatic flavours of this food it will also work great with fish – a chicken and shrimp gumbo would loves this beer. Alternatively Steak and Chocolate (yes together!) go well with the bolder Quadruppel.

Other recommended – Westmalle TrappistWestvleteren 8


Part 1 available here and Part 2 here



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