All Time(ish) Top 5 – Coffee Porters and Stouts

What better way to start a week than with a strong coffee.   This led me to thinking it was a good place to start with coffee infused beers for my monthly All Time(ish) Top 5.

Whilst there are some decent examples of non-Stouts and Porters with additional coffee added (Weird Beard’s Out of Office being a very serviceable IPA) my personal opinion is that the coffee lends itself best to the darker malts and roasted barley, oat or malts of a Stout or Porter.  Futhermore, this list only includes beers which have coffee added in some form either from a  bean infusion or the addition of brewed coffee.  If this was a list of stouts and porters with powerful coffee notes achieved through the brewing process it would be much longer and would certainly include Lervig Aktiebryggeri’s mighty 3 Bean Stout (the beans in this case are vanilla, coco and tonka and not a coffee bean in sight).  I’ve also tried to stick to beers that have been relatively easy to get your hands on in the UK in recent times (hence the “ish”).

Word of caution before diving into these particular recommendations, if you’re anything like me then drinking these in the evening may lead to a sleepless night.  Some of these beers ABV strength is matched by their caffeine strength.  Here are my favourite 5 Coffee stouts and porters.

5. Common Grounds – Magic Rock (UK) – rich dark and full bodied porter, they really got it right on this beer.  A great afternoon beer and at 5.4% works as a pint as well. A collaboration with Darkwoods Coffee.

4. Gautemalan Coffee Extra Porter – Buxton (UK) – Loads and loads of coffee in this and a very nice sweet dark fruit taste coming through.  Very enjoyable

3. Breakfast Stout – Founders (US) – 2 different coffee beans, flaked oats, 8.3%.  It must be breakfast time.  This just goes and goes, dangerously drinkable.

2. Beer Geek Breakfast – Mikkeller (Denmark) – Powerful, complex and rich. A real classic and one of my all-time favourite beers full stop. Just so happens that another of my favourite ever beers is on the list too…

1. Spresso – Beavertown (UK) – a collaboration between the good folks at Beavertown and Caravan Coffee.  It’s as good as you would expect when you mention those two craft champions.  Like a smack round the face from Tyler Durden (if he was made of coffee). This was a limited release, though I have a can tucked away for a special occasion but if you see this anywhere I implore you to stockpile this.


Nathan’s wish list – Imperial Java Stout – Santa Fe , Big Bad Baptist – Epic Brewing, Victory at Sea – Ballast Point, Beer Geek Brunch Weasel – Mikkeller


This list has also inspired us to cook up something special in the Silverdale brew-shed should have something very exciting to share with you this time next month.


What do you think though? Have you tried these and love them or does my list leave a bitter taste? What would you add to this list?